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Hi all, welcome to my worldbuilding blog. This post is mostly just bookkeeping, so if you want to dive right in, skip ahead to the first post or check out the site map to see everything posted so far. The idea for this blog came from browsing r/worldbuilding and finding numerous attempts to create general-purpose guides for creating geologically accurate worlds. Many of these are quite good (the curved lines method is a particularly clever one to use if you’re in a hurry ) but none quite hit the mark in terms of conveying an understanding of plate tectonics and climatology. Eventually I figured that rather than leaving snippy comments on other people’s guides, I should just make one of my own, in full and excessive detail. But more than just regurgitating my prior knowledge, I want to reexamine a lot of what I think I know. There’s a lot of received knowledge bouncing around when it comes to worldbuilding—some of which I’ve spread around myself—but much of it is either o

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